The Wow Manifesto


If you own a business, you’ve probably been frustrated with the “ups and downs” of revenue – scratching your head from time to time, trying to devise marketing ideas to attract new clients.

Imagine having a massive “Swipe File” of proven client attraction advertising concepts that you could call upon 24/7.

And imagine if such a library of ideas came in a succinct 12 Week Program that provided you with a priceless winning formula for attracting customers to any products or services.

Well you’ve hit the jackpot, because you’ve now got the opportunity to become a member of John Dwyer’s exclusive “Wow Manifesto Marketing Program” – for a ridiculously modest investment!

This is a 12-week membership course that’s easy for you to digest because the majority of it is via video.

And if you’re someone who likes to “move fast”, we have a “BINGE-WATCH” option available, where you can get everything at once!
This means you get INSTANT ACCESS to all of JD’s trainings RIGHT NOW! (details below)

John (referred to as JD by most!) has created an incredibly valuable program that will deliver “the keys to the ideas kingdom” to you, so you can attract new customers at will.




This really is a unique “client attraction marketing formula” that covers both online and offline communications, giving you the opportunity to simply take the “proven system” and implement it into your business.

Given the digital world we live in, JD has provided particular emphasis on showing you how to exploit social media via his special “Two-Step Sell” tactic – and in this program, he provides you with plenty of case studies so you can interpret “how” you can do the same for your business.

In This Incredible “Client-Attraction” Program, 
You Get Both The Video Training And
The Modules’ Text Downloads

A. The Video Training Sessions

B. The Written Training Modules

We’ve made this resource as easy as possible for you to digest & exploit.

Each of the 12 Training Units have two components, a 20 minute video hosted by JD & a “written module”.

(The “written module” is NOT simply a transcript of the video – it’s a “different take” on the same subject)

So you get the massive benefit of a “double whammy” – VIDEO training & WRITTEN training!

Here is what you will learn:
Get An Avalanche Of New Customers Whenever You Want The Easy Way!

Steal market-share with this “winning marketing formula” of direct-response tactics!

Swipe the “join-the-dots” system & market your products or services the smart way!

You can Google to your heart’s content, but you’ll never discover a “client attraction marketing formula” for your business like this!

JD is a one-of-a-kind marketing maverick, whose unique mastery has helped countless businesses double and triple their sales in short periods of time!

When it comes to creating “avalanche leads,” wait till you see what he has in store for you in “Module 11” of his Wow Manifesto Program!

You’ll see how to use juggernaut social media channels like Facebook and Instagram to drive a stampede of warm leads to your website or landing page!

And he’ll show you exactly how to do this easily and fast.

Forget about doing things the “same old way” – this proven formula is a new and exciting way of creating leads and conversions mighty fast!

JD will show you how to take your prospects’ eyes off the price and how to attract clients who will pay more and stay longer!

And best of all, you can get membership of this 12-week program for an insanely small investment.

Do the maths on how many more sales you need to make to pay for your investment – and we guess you’ll be rushing to click the “Join Now” button!